Let time fly by while you have fun!

"James Bermondsey is the best casino I've ever been at! It doesn't stop. Drinks keep coming, girls are all over the place, and the dealers sure know how to get you up and going all night long. I've had a hell of a night there. When I get married again, I will go back there for sure for my stag do!"  
Jonathan Roberts

"We had a lot of fun at James Bermondsey. The place just has such a nice vibe to it. People who go there are all up for some fun, and you can feel it when you walk in. We didn't want to leave we were having such a great time."  
Sarah Peterson

"I sure have seen a couple casinos in my life, I'm that kind of guy. James Bermondsey is one of my favourites, for sure. It has all a good casino needs, nice people, good games, a great feel to it, and the dealers and bartenders are just the hottest you'll ever see."  
Eric Walsh