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Are you up for a night of fun and games? Are you up for the big thrill of placing a big bet and, why not, hit the big prize while all your friends watch and turn green in envy? Do you want to enjoy the best drinks and snacks while having a good time, laughing, and getting excited about our fantastic casino games?


Then welcome to James Bermondsey, the casino you're just looking for. We have the best entertainment in a 3-floors astronomical display of games, bars and shows for you to have the night of your life. This is definitely a place where you can enjoy great company, play games and forget about anything but the fun and the thrill. Our friendly staff, our beautiful dealers and bartenders, our funny comedians and great people are waiting for you to bring our people along and have an awesome night with us! 

Enjoy the best casino games!

We have a wide selection of very fun, very entertaining casino games for you to spend all night playing, racing against your friends and taking the chance for some big, big payoff.



Seeing the wheel spin and the ball jumping from one spot to another is the very image of an exciting casino night. You can't leave without trying your luck at the roulette at least once. If you don't you haven't really been at a casino at all!


Another casino classic. Every time you go to a casino, you see the bell ringing and someone in front of a slot machine jumping of joy. Next one could be you! But you have to give it a go!


Decieve everyone with your perfect poker face and win big at our poker tables! Put your skills and your brains to the test in this exciting game where everyone could be bluffing and every move could be a trap. Are you smarter than them? Then prove it here!


If you want to take a break from the race that's going on out there and just have some fun, come to our Bingo tables. Try your luck with the numbers, perhaps this is going to be your night!


Everyone loves this one. Blackjack is perfect for having some fun with your friends as well as showing off your fancy strategy and standing up with a nice pile of money between your hands. This game is very fun and simple, so it's a great way to get started if this is your first night at a casino!



See the dices roll on the table and feel your heart pounding in excitement. This could be your lucky night! Approach our dice tables and have some fun with this thrilling game. Ask the nice lady by your side to blow some luck on them and roll'em! 



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You're just about to have the time of your life with James Bermondsey Casino. We welcome you tonight and have everything set up, so drop by whenever you want and let's make it happen!